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Coppia di candelabri a tre fiamme di bronzo dorato

Pair of three-flame candelabra
France, circa 1860

Cast bronze, chiselled and mercury gilded


Height 14.96 in
Length:12.59 in
Weight 11.46 lb each

State of conservation:


The two candelabra were made out of several elements of melted bronze, chiselled and then mercury gilded. The parts were later assembled to form the refined “flambeaux” with a sinuous articulated shape.
The hollow base has a shaped vertical edge that alternates curves with square plinths. The alternation of the geometric elements is repeated on the foot and stem in elegant chiselled ornaments. The ornamentation reflects a large part of the decorative repertoire of the time: frets, double hollow embossed, protruding frames and hollow gorges; festoons in relief around curled column capitals; continuous spiral creases with small spheres in the center.
In the upper portion the chalice is enriched with engraved lance-shaped leaflets and the arms branch off from double circlets of petals that surround a central cuspidate element ending in a closed bud filled with small spherical fruits. These are reproduced, in more minute forms, as an embellishment to the linear strokes as well as at the base of the bobèches.
The arms have a shape in keeping with the alternating curved and straight lines and widen around the stem. These terminate in elegant bobèches supported by a truncated cone element, which in turn holds the cylindrical candle-holder decorated with lance-shaped leaves alternating with sunken ashlar motifs.
The excellent gilding technique and the sophisticated decorative style with classical ornamental embellishments confirm that the two candelabra were produced in Paris for a high commission during the period of the Second Empire (1848-1870).


Cover Photo: Giorgio Majno