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Vaso sfera - Samuele Bonomi

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Samuele Bonomi

A few years after the last exhibition that saw Samuele Bonomi as a guest of our gallery, the evolution of his work has stimulated us to propose his works in a more articulated monographic exhibition, which can better summarize his path.

Here then are the great “wall circles” in which, for the first time, subtle fragmentary elements become solid matter. At the center of the exhibition stand out the purely ceramic sphere “non-vases” which, from a first very refined shaping of the material and an initial sophisticated cooking and smoking work, go to the extreme: their disintegration.

The deliberate work of crushing and subsequent reconstruction, in syncretism with foreign materials, enhances the essence of the container which thus loses its most characterizing quality, to reveal itself in a new configuration. The outline of the vase remains, the structure underlined by the scars of the fragments remains, but it is a profile that, from the union of pieces of different materials, manifests a new essence.

In this exhibition a new model also emerges that proposes different shapes and meanings: the bowls that, like the vases, lose their connotation of use, expand in height and, through the incision in the material, the form rises and rises. it thins by means of a deep and studied subtraction of the clay and a spasmodic filing that polishes the angled parts. Also in this case, therefore, the questioning of the form leads to an innovative artistic syntax.

Finally, the taste of the fragment returns, even more powerful, in a new guise, the “egg vases”, this time material, heavy and made even more concrete by the combination of contrasting materials – “contaminated”, as Bonomi reiterates – which testify once again the artist’s own and original expressiveness.

Forms, reconciliations and ideal concordances: is this Samuele Bonomi’s research in ceramic art? The restless and ironic artist finds his expression in the aesthetics of perfection in imperfection, of the recomposed fragment, in an unconscious longing for harmony of form and in its overcoming.


Opening Wednesday 22 September
from 11 to 21

Milan, Via della spiga, 42

From 23 September to 20 October
Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm
Saturday from 11 to 17
Sundays and holidays by appointment

Green Pass, mask and spacing required.

Reservation recommended. T +39 02 799594⎟

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