Model of the three-masted frigate. Garibaldi. Late 19th century or early 20th century

Modello della pirofregata a tre alberi. Garibaldi
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Model of the three-masted frigate Garibaldi
Late 19th century or early 20th century
Different woods and rigging in various materials
with hull covered in copper
30 cannons. No flags.

Height (including base) 22.83 in (58 cm), x width 10.23 in (26 cm) x 33.85 in (86 cm)

State of conservation:
very good except for a glued bowsprit tip and a few additions to the rigging.

Particolari di Modello della pirofregata a tre alberi. Garibaldi

The three-masted frigate, Garibaldi, was a “pirofregata,” that is to say a frigate powered by both a sailing system and a steam engine.
After having been launched in January 1860 in Castellammare di Stabia for the Royal Bourbon Navy with the name of “Borbone” (or “Borbona”), the ship was handed over to the Garibaldians in September of the same year. It was renamed Garibaldi and in 1861 it was incorporated into the naval forces of the Kingdom of Italy.
As with other warships, the number of cannons varied several times throughout the course of its life, depending on its availability and the tasks it was assigned.
The model probably reproduces the structure and armament of 1870/1872, when the sailing ship, modified in equipment and armament, undertook a two-year circumnavigation of the globe.
After a second circumnavigation between 1879 and 1882, it was assigned to defend Massaua in Eritrea in 1885. It remained there until disarmament in 1899, after having been transformed into a hospital ship.
The copper cover on the hull had to prevent parasites and algae from sticking to it.
The steam engine was used almost exclusively for mooring; navigation took place almost entirely by sail.

Photo: Fabrizio Stipari


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