Antique dealers. From 1860.

Our family has been dealing in antiques and works of art for five generations, since 1860.
Our interests cover Italian art from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries with a preference for maiolica from the Renaissance and the Rococò periods, European porcelain and sculpture, scientific instruments and globes, as well as silver and unusual objects.


At our gallery we offer an eclectic collection of works: ceramics, scientific instruments, armillary spheres, globes, paintings, furniture, sculpture and works of art.

Here is a survey of our most recent acquisitions.

conchigliona azzurra
pocket globe Cary
“Tastes and trends were and still are heterogeneous. The red thread of our business is the passion that everyone can always find with us: that’s all!”

Pocket Globe

Nathaniel Hill
Londra, 1754

France Female Life-size Mannequin

Legno di faggio scolpito e intagliato
Francia, inizio del secolo XX

PLate 17th Century Italian Maiolica Armorial Dish

Dipinto da Siro Antonio Africa o da Siro Domenico Africa presso la manifattura Rampini
Pavia, 1693-1704

Mid 18th Italian Pair Armchairs in “Petit Point”

Torino, 1750 circa
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